Monday, October 6, 2008


This is a bit out of posting order, since we actually took the rafting trip in August. But I just realized that I never posted the few pics that I took. We had a blast, well until we got to the end of the river anyway! I'll tell you about it...

We load up about 7:30 and head out. We always stop somewhere for a hearty breakfast, as it's a full day of activity and not much time to stop and eat along the way. But Darlene, I gotta tell ya, this is a bit "over the top" don't ya think?! *hehe*

Gayla was not to be outdone! I think the story that she and Darlene came up with was, "they were sharing." Uh huh.... ok....

We left the restaurant and I should have realized something was "up" then. There was a group of about 4 ladies who chose to drive their own vehicle, "because the van was crowded and there wouldn't be enough room." Little did I know....

In the space of about 2 hours, we had arrived in Baldwin, MI and were loading up on the bus, to head to the Pere Marquette river and put our rafts in for the trip. It was calm, peaceful, no strong arming to be the first in the river. It "turns out" however, that my team was the first to put in the river. As soon as our raft was clear of the shore, we started paddling like crazy! I just knew that other team had "something" up their sleeve! They had been whispering all morning. We rowed for about 30 minutes with no sight of the other team. My team mates started suggesting that we slow down and find a place to pull over and "let the other team have their way with us" to get it over with. Sort of take the fire out of their bosom, so to speak. But I KNOW them. They would do it there, AND at the end of the trip. I had no desire to be attacked and drowned TWICE on the trip. So I said "KEEP ROWING!" haha An hour into the trip, they start bartoring with me. Trying to get me to see the sense in what they were saying. I don't know, maybe I'm just getting too old. But the thought of yet another all out water war (after 8 years of them!!) just did not sound enticing to me! Again, I suggested to keep rowing! All this time, we don't hear nor see hide nor hair of the other team. They never caught up to us even once. And we slowed down several times and just floated. Next thing you know, we round a bend in the river and I say, "Well for crying out loud! We're at the end already!" The trip down river is about 2 1/2 hrs, but I think we finished it in about 1 3/4 hrs. So we row over to the shore and all of us decide to jump in the FREEZING cold water and get ourselves wet, so when the other team comes along, they won't find us still dry and DRAG us into the river for a good dousing!! Well, that "sort of" worked. But when they finally came drifting around the bend.... our eyes were met with a raft full of women dressed as PIRATES!!! They had bandanas on their heads, rings in their noses, rings in their ears, eye patches on, one of them had a viking hat on! They had plastic swords, it was HILARIOUS! We all had a good laugh over it, and thought everything was good. But we couldn't leave well enough alone. "Someone" started a splash war and that was the end of it! Then it was "Katie bar the door!" I don't know how many women came at me with teeth bared and claws extended! haha I ended up with a TON of cooked spaghetti noodles being dumped down the back of my shirt! Have you ever tried to run away from someone in waist high, freezing cold water? Have you ever tried to get cooked, sticky noodles off of wet skin? It doesn't happen very easily, let me tell you!

We finally called a truce and sat and waited for the bus to pick us up and take us back to the main bldg, so we could change and head to the motel. We stayed at The Shack Bed & Breakfast. It's a wonderful, peaceful place.

We all got cleaned up, a bit rested and then headed into Fremont to Spanky's pizza. It's the yearly trek that we take after the rafting trip. Their breadsticks are to die for!

See what I mean? Does this woman love bread or what?! Breadsticks AND garlic toast! Wow I hope Hannah brought plenty of mouthwash!

My pretty girls! Monica and Sarah. 2 of my rafting mates!

My youngest girl, Hannah and I. Another rafting mate!

Good ol' Amy! She's been hanging around so long, she's just one of the family. We call her our "adopted" daughter. The last rafting mate!

The WHOLE gang! The last one on the left is Karen. You ever hear the saying "Still waters run deep?" That describes her to a T. LOL Then the last 3 on the right - NOT to be trusted!

The other 2 members of the ATTACKING team! The one in the pink - Debby - was wearing a viking hat on the raft! She "looks" innocent.... but let me tell you! LOL Then Bea here, she is just too nice. I don't know how she got caught up in that groups canniving!

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